【Nationwide travel support】 
At this facility, you can use the new Oita Travel Discount 2nd.
Please tell us that you would like to use the new Oita Travel Discount 2nd at the time of reservation over the phone.
★You will need to show your ID and proof that you have been vaccinated three times at check-in.
Yufuin Besso Shikisai Hotel

【Official】Shikisai Hotel

●Please bring your usual amenities as much as possible.●

The Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law came into effect on April 1, 4th year of Reiwa.
Considering the environment, at Yufuin Bessou Shikisai Hotel
We offer disposable amenities that we have provided to all our customers.
We have decided to give it only to those who wish.

As much as possible personal belongings such as toothbrushes and razors
We would appreciate it if you could bring what you normally use.

About Go To Travel Campaign(Currently stopped)

  • Click here to issue discount coupons for Go To Travel Campaign

    As of January 2022, Go To Travel Campaign is suspended

    This facility is subject to the Go To Travel Campaign.
    Customers who book on this site must issue a 35% discount coupon from here.

    ※Discounts are not applicable if the reservation is made with advance card payment.
     When using the campaign, please make a reservation with local payment.

    ※This is a coupon exclusively for the official website and telephone reservation.

    ※Please print the coupon and bring it with you.
     Please hand it to the staff at the check-in on the day of your stay.


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